Spring At Wick's

First lets discuss our delicious GRILLED BBQ CHICKEN PIZZA!!

 It features a custom blend of mozzarella cheese, Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce, and red onions. 

Stop in or order online!  This new pizza is $16.99 and feeds 3-4  hungry adults!  Or, you can take it over the top and add bacon and pineapple for only $4 more!

Next up, is our rotating beer taps that feature local breweries at Hike’s Point and States Street. We try to keep 10 craft beers on rotation at all time. Be sure to sample some new beer with our flight of four 4 ounce beers of your choice!

We also plan to launch our all you can eat LUNCH taco bar at Hike’s Point for $8.95. This taco bar is going to feature fresh homemade guacamole, salsa, and tortilla chips. We also are preparing fresh steak, chicken and beef. Be sure to stop in on Thursdays from 11:30-2pm. 

Stay tuned for more beer, bourbon, and new pizza in 2019….