The Wicked Good Burger

You say, "Whaaaat?  Wick's makes a burger?"  We say, "Why yes, yes we do, and it's brand spanking new!"  Get a premium all beef patty (10 oz precooked), the fixin's and chips for $9.49.  It's good, like, really good.  And it's hard to improve on this burger, but we gave it a shot.  Upgrade it to a Beer Cheese Burger with creamy New Belgium Fat Tire Beer Cheese, a Bacon Cheese Burger with a blend of cheeses and thick cut bacon, or a Mushroom Onion Burger with fresh, sauteed onions and mushrooms, for only $1.50 more.  This burger truly lives up to it's name... It's WICKED good!

The Wicked Good Burger is listed under the Sandwick menu on our ONLINE ORDERING.