Professional Eater Randy Santel in the 'Ville for The Big Wick Challenge

Weighing in at 8.1 pounds, owner Michael Wickliffe made, weighed and cooked the pizza himself!  While Randy Santel's set up ritual was lengthy, his challenge was not.  Starting in the middle and working his way out, Randy devoured the entire center of a 16" Big Wick in just over 4 minutes, scooping up cheese and toppings with his self-brought utensil - a large spoon!  

Although he didn't beat the record time of just over 33 minutes (ironically, his buddy Derek has the record), owner/operator became the 5th person to accomplish this crazy task!  Randy walked away with a free $35 meal, $150 in cash, a pretty sweet t-shirt and his picture on our Wall of Fame.