Wick's Star Search

Wick's Star Search

"MIC CHECK one two, one two"

Middle town Wick's is looking for the next Wick's Star.

1st Call the store for sign up (time and date)

2nd promote yourself, Facebook, Instagram, etc (you will need your own fan base, we will help)

3rd show up for the audition on your scheduled Thursday and play/sing three songs

4th win a spot to play and get paid on our next months calendar.

This will be an opportunity for a rising local acoustic band/singer that has not got a break yet! we wanna help you break through all the barriers and give you Your first shot but you have to Earn it. With your willingness to Play your Hearts out and a supported Fan base you will get over the Musical Performance Hump to become the next Wick's Star.


Price: FREE