Thunder Tribe

Thunder Tribe

Hard Rock Covers

Nightmare,Sony, Red Records


Thunder Tribe is a heavy metal / progressive hard rock band comprised of 5 veteran musicians who understand the feeling and power of melodic metal music. The songs on their upcoming CD "War Chant," (Nightmare Records / Sony /Red) resonate with high-range, operatic vocals, dual harmony guitar riffs, and thumping bass and drums. Vocal phenomenon, Michael Duncan, sings with a power and range that has not been heard since the mid 80s! The guitar duo of Ronnie Duncan and Rick Sargent produce magical sounds of harmonies and power chords that hard rock and metal enthusiasts haven’t heard for decades. The intricate and commanding foundation pounded out by Tom Dawson (bass) and Chad Osborne (drums) give off that heavy undercurrent that allows great players to shine, as Michael, Ronnie, and Rick do on this album. Thunder Tribe’s melodic performances on this album lend to their live aura that is based on the "concert experience." If you have long been searching for that “metal sound” in current-day, modern music, but you find that nothing quite quenches your thirst for metal, it is essential to check out THUNDER TRIBE........

Michael Duncan: (Pownd, Shatter Messiah)

Dr. Rock: (Kiss Army, Hotter Than Hell, Audiorotic, Beholder, Creeper, XS, Riff Raff)

Ronnie Duncan: (Pownd)

Rick Sargent: (Pownd)

Chad Osborne: (Escape, XS)

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