The Bryant C Project

Jettlane Records

The Bryant C. Project consists of Bryant Carter on guitar and vocals, Wayne Howard on bass, and Matthew Baker on drums. Bryant’s unique style is a product of his environment, so diverse yet so familiar with the infusion of Rock, Soul and R&B. Some have tag their style simply as Rock n’ Soul. With an arsenal of incredible songs like the beautiful ballad “Face of A Thousand Words” that touches your heart and soul to the emotional groove rocker “No Gamble”, you can definitely tell that Bryant has his pick and pen on the pulse of what’s going on in the world right now. With vocal melodies as smooth as Lenny Kravitz and guitar riffs that explode with emotion like some of Hendrix’s finest work from long ago, this music is a blessing to the ears. So sit back, turn it up and enjoy.... because The Bryant C. Project's music.... just might become your favorite.

There's something for everyone on the album "The Bryant C. Project that came out November 6th 2012. I'm currently in the studio working on my new CD coming soon on Jettlane Records. This new music will be on a whole new level!

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