3 Strange Days

3 Strange Days

3 Strange Days - Louisville, KY rock music cover band.

STEVE YOCUM - If he's not going 100 MPH through a toll booth to avoid paying, Steve's fronting the Louisville local cover band Redline. He has fifteen years experience in bands in the area. Steve's charm, charisma, and energetic personality combined with a flexible vocal range has made him an exceptional frontman. With his talent and experience it's no surprise that he was voted in as Phoenix Hill Tavern's All-Star Vocalist in 2014. 

STEPHEN COLLARD - Another member of the PHT All-Star Band - who's been voted in twice - with fifteen years experience in cover bands is Stephen Collard, lead guitarist. You can find him in another local cover band Naked Garden. His main musical influences such bands as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Alice in Chains, and Metallica.

SHAWN MATTY - Lead guitarist and long time member of such bands as The Rocking Dead, KTO, and Dawgs Playing Poker, Shawn Matty brings in his countless years of playing to the table with the newly formed 3 Strange Days. 

CHRIS EGER - When he’s not breaking concrete blocks with his hands, you’ll find Chris Eger playing bass, sings back-up vocals and does many of the harmonies. While he owns a black belt in Taekwondo, he’s also the resident comedian. Always quick with joke or a one-liner, his down to earth style fully embodies having a good time and lotsa fun. While performing, Chris plays Peavey, Fender and custom made marble bass by Jason Lawalin. Chris also uses Peavey Amplification and Shure mics. When he’s not on stage, you can usually find Chris on a golf course or watching the Boston Red Sox and Miami Dolphins. Chris is also a native of California.

HOWARD YATES - a versatile drummer for over twenty years, Howard's talent got noticed at age sixteen when he became one of the top percussionists in the state. Drumset has always been his preference and has done some touring and recording in the past decade. Some of the local cover bands he's been affiliated with include The Rocking Dead, Dawgs Playing Poker, and KTO. When he's not drumming, he's doing voice overs or going out with your mom.

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