New Munchy Menu


Wick's at Hikes Point has a new "munchy menu" for all those times during the day that you get the munchies.  Like lunch time, and late afternoon, and that 4th meal that occurs after dinner but before bed.  The "munchy menu" has many mouth watering, affordable selections, like an 8' two topping Pizza or two topping Calzone for just 5.99, or a 6" Sandwick or Wrap with house made kettle chips.  There is also, a hand breaded chicken tenderloin basket with fries for 5.99 and a Slider tray with your choice of two 2oz burgers or chicken breast with our kettle chips for only 6.99.  We also have a 6" Philly Cheesesteak with our kettle chips for 6.99, among other delicious choices.  And, it is available all day, everyday...nomnomnom!

   But, if you are more of a football kind of person, who would rather kick back and enjoy a game with a cold drink and some Wings...we have those, too.  .59 per Wing on Tuesdays at Hikes Point or 2.00 off our appetizer portion of Wings at all locations all day every Sunday! Come see us at Wick's, we have something for every taste bud, and they are all WICKed GOOD!