Baxter Avenue’s Winter-proofed Patio


Many bars claim that they’ve enclosed and heated their patios in an attempt to bring you out on those more than chilly days, yet, as you stand in the sub-zero temperature of the latest “heated patio” while your buddy takes his time with that never-ending cigarette and drones on about what his girl did or did not do, you realize that it was all a farce. It may be enclosed, but it sure isn’t heated.

Well, in the winter of 2013/2014, Wick’s on Baxter took the big leap and enclosed the front patio with removable walls the entire length of the bar and band sides of the restaurant (2/3 of the length of the building) and ran a 45 food Gas Tube Heater that keeps the patio at a toasty 70 degrees. Yep, whether she did do it or she didn’t do it, it won’t matter. Because YOU, my friend, are warm!