Random Acts of Kindness by the Wick's Teams


Today was Random Act of Kindness (RAK) Day, and our Wick's teams took to the streets in full participation!  

Here are a few of the kind things we did:

One of our teammates left a $75 Starbucks card with the barista and told her to purchase coffee for as many as she could with the card!  I bet that made a few people's mornings!

Another team put quarters in everyone's meters along a busy area where zealous ticket writers run rampant!

One team hit up their local City Hall, surprising the good folks there with pizza and balloons!

Another team partnered with Fed With Faith, an amazing organization that takes food and supplies to the homeless camps in Louisville, supplying them with propane, sternos, hand warmers, gloves, socks, coats and much more!  They also advocate for these individuals and work to get them into housing, and once in housing, follow up weekly for 6 months with a food box to help keep them moving forward. Where does Wick's come in?  We went out with them today and took pizzas to those who stay outside, even in the harshest of weather.  

We had a blast, now it's your turn.  Pass it on!